Dear Friends,

I have always had an inherent interest in, and passion for art! As a little girl, I used to draw all day long - and I've essentially never stopped.  Over the years, I've practiced and developed my own skills, testing new and different mediums and styles, and eventually graduated from Dawson College with a Diploma in Fine Arts.


One of my true passions is to share my talents, and teach others painting and drawing techniques.  When a beginner artist reaches a new level of achievement in art, and to see the excitement and pride that it brings to their eyes, simply warms my heart.  


It is amazing what we can achieve with just a little guidance.  The number of artistic mediums, subjects and styles available are endless, as are our imaginations which means the possibilites are infinite for what we can create together!!  My goal is to expose the 'inner artist', of each of my students, one artist at a time.


I hope that everyone, at some point in their lives, has an opportunity to find the 'fearlessness' to paint, to draw, to truly express themselves; have fun in life and try new things. You may just surprise yourselves!


Yours in art,